"Thank you, aca, for cpc" by Michael Maxwell, md

Tulsa world op-ed 

March 10, 2017

Few Oklahomans are aware of the amazing success stories and advantages the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) has brought to our state. I’m not referring to the 192,000 people who now have insurance they didn’t have before, the end of annual or lifetime limits on coverage, no more discrimination based on pre-existing conditions — but rather the quality improvement programs brought to the state funded by the ACA.  Read more...

"Looking for Quality in health care" By Stanley schwartz, md

tulsa world op-ed

April 11, 2015

Your doctor just told you your leaky heart valve now needs surgery. Fix it and you will have years of normal life ahead. Without surgery, you will get steadily worse and die prematurely. Read more...

"Sleeping on dynamite? Time to reconsider use of sedating medications" by michael maxwell, md

Tulsa World op-ed

May 21, 2014

Much has been written about the abuse and overuse of pain medication in Oklahoma, but there is an emerging problem potentially just as large. The use of sedating medication in adults, especially those over 65, is reaching epidemic proportions and must be addressed. Read more...

"It's the value, not the cost" by stanley schwartz, md

tulsa world, op-ed

March 29, 2014

Most everyone believes health care is too expensive. That's because most of us only have bills to compare. But have we gotten value for our money? Read more...